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What is Sensiplan?

Sensiplan is a method of birth control, where the woman learns to observe body signs, that strikingly change during the cycle. These signs make it possible to determine with great accuracy fertile and infertile days throughout the cycle. Therefore Sensiplan is suitable both to avoid a pregnancy or to achieve one.

Sensiplan is a monitoring method that makes the woman aware of what happens with her own fertility, a form of literacy that increases the self-esteem of the woman. It is a form of lasting emancipation.

Sensiplan is also a relational method, whereby men and women get the opportunity to experience their sexual relationship in a different way and to relate to family planning as equal partners.

Sensiplan assumes that the partners reach an agreement and according to their family planning option have intercourse or not during the fertile period as indicated by the Sensiplan data.

Sensiplan offers by correct application the same efficacy as the most reliable artificial methods for birth control. But besides is Sensiplan totally free of any health side-effect.