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What is the concept of Sensiplan?

As to apply Sensiplan reliably, the temperature and the changes of the cervical mucus or cervix are to be interpreted according to very specific rules. These are easy-to-learn rules, that delimit the fertile phase accurately. These rules are listed in the various Sensiplan publications.

Because the reliability of an observation method such as Sensiplan also depends on the knowledge, understanding and experience of the woman and of the motivation of both partners, Sensiplan offers much more than just a set of rules and some explanation.

Sensiplan is a total concept with different aspects that all are important to meet the high quality requirements.

  • Sensiplan is taught by certified Sensiplan teachers to individual couples (in small groups of up to four couples) on the basis of specific teaching materials and a workbook.
  • Sensiplan teachers are always also themselves Sensiplan users and are trained by a doctor and a master in educational and psychological Sciences who also themselves are Sensiplan users. All these people should regularly follow refresher courses, organized both nationally and internationally.
  • New developments and publications are studied, reviewed and approved by an International Working Group. The scientific accuracy of the Sensiplan concept is supervised by a working group under the chairmanship and responsibility of Prof. Strowitzki (Sektion Natürliche Fertilität Gynäkologische Endokrinologie and of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fortpflanzungsmedizin (DGGEF) e.V. and head of Gynecology of the University Heidelberg).