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How reliable is Sensiplan?

Reliability is one of the crucial requirements for every birth control method.

Sensiplan is the end product of more than 25 years of current research and has its highest reliability, when following criteria are respected:

  • Adhere strictly to the Sensiplan rules
  • Motivation of the partners
  • Correct interpretation of the cycles
  • Good accompaniment

The reliability of a birth control method is typically indicated with a Pearl Index (PI). This indicates how many women out of one hundred become unexpectedly pregnant following perfect use of a particular method during one year.

The results of the Sensiplan studies at the University of Düsseldorf were as follows: out of 7866 cycles, only three unexpected pregnancies were recorded. This means a method efficacy of PI 0.4. This is similar to the reliability of the hormonal pill.

The users efficacy gives a different figure, i.e. in daily practice, when couples do not always follow the rules or didn’t properly understand them. Therefore, it is important to teach couples through an approved Sensiplan teacher.

The accompanying users efficacy study gave a PI of 2.3. This is for the users efficacy.