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Brief instructions on submitting an abstract

The abstract announcing a lecture/poster presentation to be held during the course of the FAM Conference serves a number of purposes:
* To help select the speakers for the conference
* To help devise the individual sections/lecture blocks during the
* For publication in a volume of abstracts for the purpose of informing conference participants and to help encourage them
to develop their interest in the relevant topic after the conference.

This requires a precise and brief outline in a style suited to the audience in question, as conference participants need to be provided with an informative guide to help them make their choice of presentations to attend, given the broad range that will be on offer. We also need information that is as full and accurate as possible in order to be able to create a program in which academic research in the empirical sciences is counterbalanced by accounts of its practical application.

Submission of abstracts for lectures and poster presentations
Deadline: March 31st, 2024

The abstract should include the following
items of information

  • Background/Objective: Give a brief outline of the objectives behind your methodology, illustrative cases or studies, e.g. what are you trying to achieve with your method, what is it based on? What was the subject of your studies/work? What questions or hypotheses motivated you?
  • Method/Procedure: Give a brief description of the material or procedure you used, the criteria for selecting human experimental subjects (in the case of research projects), how the procedure was implemented and the statistical basis (in the case of research projects) you applied.
  • Outcome: Summarise briefly your (anticipated) main results.
  • Conclusion: Describe briefly the conclusions you draw from your results and which aspects you intend to discuss further. Please pay particular attention here to the significance of
    your results for FAM. Outline consequences and/or questions that are pertinent to everyday practice involving FAM.

    There is a character limit of 3,000 on the abstract (title, information on the author(s) and the relevant institution details are not included in the count).
    Tables, illustrations and diagrams are not permitted. We recommend that you first formulate the contents in e.g. a Word document and then copy them into the input screen form. Negotiations with a peer-reviewed international medical journal are currently underway.

European Congress on Fertility awareness-based Methods

Irish College Leuven, Belgium
Friday, November 15th 2024

NFP-Vlaanderen vzw in collaboration with the German ‘Sektion Natürliche Fertilität’ of the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gynäkologische Endokrinologie und Fortpflanzungsmedizin e.V.’

Submission of abstracts for lectures and poster presentations
Deadline: March 31st, 2024

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